A Perfectly Formed Thought

Light bulb moment

Just to have one perfectly formed thought every day.
Just one little sentence. Before breakfast. Before the first coffee. Before getting out of bed. Before getting in the shower. Before catching up with the news. Before getting down to business.

One shining gem. One glistening jewel in the crown.
Something beautiful that can be written down.

Just one simple idea. A basic concept. A proposition. A philosophical statement. An empirical observation. A scientific hypothesis. A mathematical equation. Nothing too complicated. Something true and meaningful. Eureka! A light bulb moment. A shining star in the dark. A point of reference. An anchor. A mental map. A mind palace. Something to hold on to when all seems lost. Something to make sense of the enveloping chaos.

A torchlit procession through the fog and the haze.
A path through the labyrinth and out of the maze.

A hope. A prayer. A meditation. A supplication. A blessing in disguise. Some sacred text. Something holy and devotional. An angelic vision. A divine revelation. The word of God. Something brought down from the mountain. Something written in stone. Something which will overcome evil, bring peace to the Middle East, and instill lasting friendship and love between nations and people across the globe.

A sacred mantra. An incantation. A sorcerer’s spell.
To ward off your devils and send them all back to hell.

An epigram. An aphorism. A quotable phrase. An elegy. A eulogy. A fitting epitaph.
An inscription for your tombstone. Beautifully crafted, witty, heroic, concisely worded and brave.
A piece of priceless wisdom that will echo down the centuries and comfort you in your grave.

Something funny and clever to share with your friends
On Facebook and Twitter – to create social trends.
To explain your position and your point of view.
To increase your followers and boost your ego too.
Something amusing which will make you smile.
Something to nourish and sustain you for a while.
Something original. Something unique.
A clever construction. A canny technique.
A love song. A poem. Fully formed in your head.
To bring back your soulmate. A lament for the dead.
Emotions and feelings dredged up from the heart.
Coaxed out and polished and transformed into art.

18 February 2019

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