Gaza Nakba 2023





collective punishment
ethnic cleansing
crimes against humanity
medieval brutality
siege mentality

systematic violence and destruction
sadistic cruelty and bloodlust
complete and utter carnage

horror upon horror
atrocity upon atrocity
day after day
night after night
hour after hour

unending terror and bombardment
holocaust death zone


In the name of God
what have you done?

Our homes are gone
our crops destroyed
hospitals, schools and mosques
libraries, museums and churches
bakeries, food shops and refugee camps
bombed out of existence
reduced to rubble
crushed by tanks
flattened by bulldozers
obliterated and erased
from the face of the earth
in the name of God

Our children are dead
our mothers and fathers
sons and daughters
husbands and wives
uncles and aunts
friends and neighbours
journalists and medics
poets and aid workers
whole families and generations
wiped out in an instant
in the name of God

The corpses of our brothers and sisters lie unburied
in the killing fields of Gaza
decomposing in abandoned morgues
rotting in the streets
eaten by dogs…

In the name of God
what have you become?

Stone cold killers
assassins and genocidal criminals
blinded by rage
fueled by revenge
spewing hatred and lies
war propaganda and media evil
from TV screens
flanked by the Star of David
the new flag of fascism
in the name of God

Habsora has spoken
and the sentence is death
death according to ‘the Gospel’
dictated by AI prophets
automated genocide
from the assassination factory
to the death camp
the slaughter of the innocents
the revenge of the chosen people
in the name of God

the war criminal terrorist
the butcher of Gaza
the destroyer of hope and humanity
the enemy of truth
who wows retribution on the Amalek
and unleashes the dogs of war
and opens the gates of hell
and rains death on the children of Gaza
in the name of God

Death camp Gaza
an apocalyptic hellscape
where the withered conscience of the West
lies dying in the graveyard of children
bleeding and gasping for breath
under the rubble of bombed out buildings
while the war pimps and death merchants grow rich
and the business of war is booming
weapons of mass destruction
and indiscriminate killing machines
made in the USA
Washington bombs and bullets
bringing death to the children of Gaza
in the name of God

Israel, Europe, USA
how many kids have you killed today?
in the name of God

in the name of freedom and democracy
in the name of human rights
in the name of self-defense
in the name of national security
in the name of foreign policy
in the name of geopolitical strategy
in the name of peace and prosperity
in the name of white supremacy
in the name of global hegemony
in the name of manifest destiny
in the name of settler colonialism
in the name of profit and imperialism
in the name of expansion and extraction
in the name of full spectrum dominance
in the name of the military industrial complex
in the name of the national security state
in the name of the rules-based international order
in the name of the World Bank and the IMF
in the name of the free market
in the name of neoliberal economics
in the name of wealth and privilege
in the name of corporate greed
in the name of vampire capitalism
in the name of Wall Street
in the name of power and money
in the name of the one percent
in the name of unipolarity
in the name of world domination
in the name of total control
in the name of the deep state cabal
in the name of Western values
in the name of religion
in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost
in the name of God…

In the name of God, what have we done?
In the name of God, what have we become?

17 December 2023

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