I’ve found you…

there she is
now she’s gone
disappearing into the ether
and back again
playing hide and seek
floating on the ceiling
hiding under the stairs
living in the cracks
peering back at you
from the inside out
just getting on with life

Hello. Hello…
is anyone there?

I thought I heard your voice
calling from far away

Is that really you?
trying to break through
sending messages of hope
from another dimension
somewhere over the rainbow
or on the dark side of the moon
circling in a black balloon
just getting on with death

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Fire And Fury Like The World Has Never Seen

Donald Trump - pop art

NOTE: I take no credit for the words in this poem. Only for the construction. With a few minor exceptions they are, in their entirety, the words, tweets, phrases, insults, self-descriptions and utterances of Donald J. Trump. The 45th president of the USA

Make America great again
Dishonest. Lying. Dummy
A totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing facts
Fire and fury like the world has never seen

Sad. Crazy. Phoney
The mind of a very dumb and backward child
Dumb as a rock. Incredible covfefe. The Chosen One
Fire and fury like the world has never seen

My IQ is one of the highest – and you all know it!
So great looking and smart
In my great and unmatched wisdom
Fire and fury like the world has never seen

Something very big has just happened!
Bigly, bigly. Piggly wiggly. Big league bigly (1)
I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it
Fire and fury like the world has never seen

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Where are you my love?


When you died I did not know where you had gone. I could not comprehend your absence, the reality of your non-being, or the fact that you would never be coming home again.

I stumbled through empty rooms and corridors, clutching at the white-washed walls, crouching in dark corners, crying out for you… “Where are you my love? Where are you?”

It’s a question which still troubles and confuses me. A question which I cannot answer. I look for you everywhere. And sometimes I find you.

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It’s 4:14 in the morning
And I cannot sleep
Why is it always 4:14?

Why do we seek a magical significance in numbers?
Searching for an explanation
Looking for a sign
As if the universe is speaking to us
Imparting a higher meaning
Revealing the truth at last

The man behind the curtain has a message he wants to share
It must be important
He is agitated
But he cannot find his tongue
He has no mouth and he’s choking on his words again

Words have no meaning anymore
Everything is lost in translation
And we no longer have the key

Besides, there’s no one else here but you and I
And you are only a memory now
A fading photograph
A vanishing star

A restless ghost in the endless night
Who stays with me till the morning light

And I am the tin man in the bedroom
The drowning sailor washed up on the shore
The test crash dummy in the bed next door

31 May 2019



Grief comes in dark waves
Crashing on the desolate shore
With the fury of a jet engine or a lion’s roar
Wet sand hissing like a strangled saint
Supine on the bedroom floor

10 January 2019

Descartes: Thoughts for the Day

Human head with questions

I think, therefore I am
(Descartes big idea)

I think, therefore I think I am
(Descartes on weed)

I think, therefore I will self-harm
(Descartes with depression)

I think, therefore I am alarmed
(Descartes with anxiety)

I think they are out to get me, therefore I must be well-armed
(Descartes on gun control)

I think, but since thinking is the source of all suffering, I meditate to stay calm
(Descartes on Buddhism)

I have tried and tried to think this through, and they really don’t have a fucking clue!
(Descartes on Brexit)

05 January 2019

Lip Service


Smiling lips
Beguiling lips
Laughing lips
Talking lips
Tasting lips
Singing lips
Pouting lips
Stinging lips
Shouting lips
Puckered lips
Biting lips
Licking lips
Lovely lips
Luscious lips
Kissing lips
Outer lips
Inner lips
Painted lips
Tainted lips
Swearing lips
Spitting lips
Silent lips
Lucky lips
Lonely lips
Lager lips

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Birch Tree Bark Heart

I will make promises that I cannot keep
(heroic promises)

I will break promises that I do not remember making
(forgotten promises)

I will fake promises that I have no intention of fulfilling
(political promises)

I will make promises to myself which I will never articulate
(hidden promises)

I will promise you the earth in this moment and mean it with all my heart, even if I know my promise can never be realised
(impossible promises)

I will promise you anything if you give me what I want right now
(dirty promises)

I will promise you anything if you stop hurting me right now
(desperate promises)

I will promise to love, honour and obey you till death do us part
(contractual promises)

I will promise you my eternal soul if you open up your pearly gates
(sacred promises)

I will promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of one dollar
(devalued promises)

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