I Like Girls

Rosie Riveter - Mom Loves Life Tattoo

I like funny girls and serious girls too
Girls who do crosswords and work at the zoo

I like girls who ride bicycles and girls who wear hats
Girls who ride horses and girls who keep cats

I like girls with glasses and girls with tattoos
Girls with pierced noses and girls who read the news

I like girls who play guitars and form girl bands
Girls who make their own religion and girls with healing hands

I like girl poets and artists and geeks
And sci-fi fans and embalmers and writers and freaks
And doctors and nurses and administrators and cooks
And pilots and mothers and girls with good looks

I like girls who are intelligent and girls who are kind
And won’t take no shit and know their own mind

I like girls who like to dance and I like girls who like romance
I like girls who run in the street and girls who walk round with bare feet

I like girls who paint their toes and girls who wear unusual clothes and girls with safety pins in their nose

And girls who go on protest marches
And girls who pluck their eyebrow arches
And girls with hair that’s straight or curled
And girls who want to save the world

I like girls! What more can I say. Life without girls would be boring and grey. Boys are cool too but in a different way. And that’s a poem for another day.

27 December 2018

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