The Necromancer’s Dream

Heart on blue fabric

I am lying on the bed watching you in front of the mirror
Putting on your earrings and fixing up your hair.

Where did your hairbrush go, my love?
I cannot find it anywhere.

What happened to your hair?
What became of your face and your lovely smile?
Your eyebrows and eyelashes?

I remember your eyelashes on our wedding day
I remember the contours of your nose, the touch of your lips, your teeth, your tongue
The shape of your ears
The smell of your skin
The love in your eyes.

I can feel your arms around me, and your healing hands.

I am washing your feet
Your dancing feet
Your sweet petite feet
Your magical feet
Your sword dancing feet.

You are wearing your golden vest and golden slippers, all dressed up for the party
You are the bees-knees in your golden vest and slippers
And you are so beautiful that it makes me cry.

I am kissing your neck, your shoulders, your back, your thighs
I am biting your buttocks
I am licking the backs of your knees.

I can hear your heart beating next to mine
Our bodies entwined and heaving
Merging and dissolving
Like dolphins on the crest of a wave
Like collapsing stars.

I am engulfed by your womanhood.

We are one. We are everything. We are nothing.

For a brief moment I have brought you back to life again, only to lose you once more in the morning, as the dawn light creeps in through the open window and the uncaring birds begin their insistent chattering in preparation for the new day.

19 July 2018

For Georgie. Rest in Peace. Angel, sweet love of my life xx

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